Sunday, 14 April 2013

Phoenix Palace

After 5 + City Pig’s analysis
£35 per head (Average cost of sharing eight dishes, service charge and Chinese tea.)
  • Depends on the dishes ordered but there is plenty of fish and vegetables on the menu.
  • Delicious Chinese dishes tend to be fried and oily.
  •  4.5/5 – Food 
  •  4/5 - Service
  •  4/5 - Comfort of dining in
  •  3/5 - Value
  •  4 /5 - Overall rating
  •  Family/Friends dinner, business dining (private rooms available with karaoke) and birthdays.
  • Dim sum lunch
5 Glentworth Street, London NW1 5PG
Opening times
 Mon – Sat 12pm-11:30pm; Sun 11:30am-10:30pm
Eat in/Takeaway:
Eat-in and take-away.
Recommended dishes & drinks
  •    Five spices pork belly with Peking Bun.
  •    Veal in black pepper and honey sauce.
Vegetarian dishes
Suitable for Vegetarians.
Loyalty card
A posher Chinese restaurant delivering high quality dishes with more creative ones but be prepared to flash the cash.
Dim sum is more affordable if you want to try this place out.

 After 5 + City Pig’s analysis

A classic Chinese restaurant located away from China town but draws in plenty of Chinese and western customers. Lovers of fine Chinese food will have heard of Phoenix Palace as it brings top quality Chinese dishes. It delivers not only the usual classics of Cantonese cuisine but a variety of dishes not commonly found in other Chinese restaurants.

 Having been to Phoenix Palace many times throughout my life from dim sum lunch to dinners - it often does not fail to impress. However, not every dish is executed without fault.

I was surprised to recently receive good customer service which is not always the case here and in other Chinese restaurants.

Dishes are on the smaller side and prices are definitely higher than is used to be. We originally ordered six dishes for five of us but then added two more dishes! Some examples of tasty and dishes to order are the pork belly with man tou (Chinese steamed bread) and honey and black pepper veal. The seasoning is not too strong and the meat is tender.

This time I found the ingredients of some dishes were of poorer quality such as the peashoot and choi sum vegetables rather than the cooking. The braised tofu and Chinese mushroom dish was not as expected - it was not puffy and was flat and dry.

Phoenix Palace is a presentable Chinese restaurant with plenty of space even for the little ones. It is less crowded in here and easier to park your car and even close to the train and tube station. It can be rather expensive meal but the quality overall tends to be superb.

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