Tuesday, 26 March 2013


After 5 + City Pig’s summary      


£16 each for a main meal, soft drink and service charge.
·         Healthy scale 3/5
          A lot of comfort food on the menu but vegetable and salad  
          sides  available.
·         3.5/5 – Food
·         4.5/5 – Service
·         3/5 – Comfort of dining in
·         3/5 - Value
·         3.5/5 – Overall rating

·         Casual brunch/lunch/afternoon tea/coffee break/dinner

          9 White Lion Street, London N1 9PD. Nearest tube station    
          is Angel.
Opening times
·        Monday to Saturday: 8am to 11pm
·        Sunday: 9am to 10:30pm

Eat in/Takeaway:
Recommended dishes & drinks
·         Fish and chips
·         Great selection of desserts.
·         Cinnamon doughnuts with chocolate sauce and 
          strawberries are a winner.

Vegetarian dishes
          Suitable for Vegetarians.
Loyalty card

After 5 + City Pig’s analysis

Bill’s is a place to come if you fancy modern and classic European dishes. It is like a cafĂ© but offers more than coffee and tea. It has a menu jam packed with a lot of dishes ranging from fish and chips, burgers and fries, classic fish pies and specials like BBQ ribs. For brunch, there is the classic English breakfast and pancakes. Then for teatime, there are scones, lamingtons and Eton Mess.

Bill’s have been sprucing up all over town and it is not hard to see why with their friendly service and attentive service and a menu that has a great comfort food to see us through these cold spells.

I experienced fantastic customer service, such as asking if I wanted table water, asking if we needed more napkins because we chose a messy ribs dish. Offering to take a photo is just another example of attentive service which even posh restaurants fail to deliver.

It is colourful inside with walls lined with jams and tins stocked with Bill’s own produce.
It is a feel good place to bring friends to have a lazy brunch and lunch. There is also absolutely no need to feel you have to wear anything special here as it is very casual not like many artisan boutique breakfast bars.

Classic dishes like fish and chips are a no-nonsense choice. Portions are generous and you will be very full. There is a large selection of desserts to tempt those with bigger appetites and you really should leave some room. The cinnamon doughnuts for example, are a real delight, hot, light and puffy.
I recommend coming here in the weekends for brunch, to line those stomachs and warm yourself up with plenty of coffee.

Coffee presented to me.

Coffee pattern I created.

Square Meal


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