Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pizza East

After 5 + City Pig’s Summary


Pizzeria - Italian
Average spend £18 per person (Pizza and a drink)
Rustic pizzas – freshly baked. Pizzas are made up of dough so very high in carbs for those cautious of their weight.
4/5 – Pizzas and desserts.
3/5 – Service.
4/5 – Overall rating.
56 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JJ ; T: 020 7729 1888
Opening times
Monday to Wed: 12pm - 12am
(Kitchen open until 11pm)
Thursday: 12pm - 1am
(Kitchen open until 12am)
Friday: 12pm - 2am
(Kitchen open until 1am)
Saturday: 10am - 2am
(Kitchen open until 1am)
Sunday: 10am - 12am
(Kitchen open until 11pm)
Eat in/Takeaway:
Eat-in and take-away
Recommended dishes & drinks
All pizzas and desserts are a must.
Vegetarian dishes
Loyalty card

Rustic style pizzas and a great place to catch up with friends.

After 5 + City Pig’s analysis

Pizza East sets itself to be different from other pizza chains as it focuses on making rustic style pizzas. The ingredients are very Italian focused and therefore, you may need the help of the waiter to understand the toppings.

Pizza East, has an edge of coolness as you walk in, you are greeted by the receptionists with their iMacs. It gets very busy here and so I would recommend booking a table.

I tried two pizzas, the spicy sausage and the pancetta pizza. Both were crispy and the dough light in perfection. The flavours were impressive and tasted very fresh.
The drinks menu is interesting in that it has a wide selection of cocktails. I opted for the Elderflower, cucumber soda which was very refreshing in taste.

The salted chocolate caramel tart was the most heavenly dessert I tasted. It really tastes amazing and is not too sweet or too salty. The combination is perfect and is clearly very memorable in my mind.
It is a place to go if you want a casual dinner and a few drinks. It has a great lively buzzing atmosphere and it is one of the cool kids from the East.


  1. Delcious pizza. def worth paying attention to the toppings as if you are looking for a typical cheese and tomato base, you may not get this (some pizzas just have cheese as the base). Loved my sausage and broccoli pizza ; lovely crispy base cooked to perfection and a perfect size. Good choice of dessets too - go for the cinnamon sugared donuts with choc sauce - divine.

    Twas a gastronomic treat for the taste buds

  2. Glad you enjoyed it too! I fancy going there again very soon.