Monday, 24 September 2012

Bubbleology - Bubble tea (Taiwanese drink)


Café – Bubble Tea specialists
£3.45 regular bubble tea
Yes – I believe there are no added sugars (but please check with the staff.)
·         3/5 – Drink
·         3/5 – Service
·         3/5 – Comfort of dining in
·         3/5 – Overall rating
·         Meeting with friends.
·         Makes a change from Coffee bars.
49 Rupert Street, Soho, London, W1D 7PF
Opening times
Monday to Thursday – 11am-11pm
Friday- 11am-11:30pm
Saturday - 11:30am-11:30pm
Sunday - 11:30am-11pm
Tel: 0207 494 4231

Eat in/Takeaway:
Eat-in and take-away
Recommended dishes & drinks
Original bubble tea
Rose milk bubble tea
Strawberry bubble tea
Vegetarian dishes
No gelatine – suitable for vegetarians.
Loyalty card
A popular oriental drink from Taiwan with a clever marketing making you feel you are in a lab!

After 5 + City Pig’s analysis

Bubbleology is a specialist café bringing you bubble tea. Bubble tea originates from Taiwan and can be found across the Far East and many parts of US and Canada.
It is essentially tea mixed with tapioca pearls which brings the chewy texture whilst sipping the drink. The tapioca pearls is like giant jelly balls but is not made from jelly, so vegetarians can have it too.
The tea can be served hot or cold and in many flavours ranging from fruit flavoured to milk based teas. The original bubble tea is the Assam or Jasmine flavour (black teas). The milk tea may remind you of a milkshake but less rich and creamy.
This place is busy because the owners have made the shop looking like a lab where staff serves you in lab coats. It is very clever and really provides Bubbleology a unique position as the ultimate bubble tea masters. Although, it is small in the Soho branch, it is pleasant once you find a seat.
The regular size bubble tea is very generous and often felt I could not finish the drink as it is very filling. At £3.45 it is not super cheap but it is reasonable and comparable to some coffee shops.
It does make a refreshing change to the usual coffee shops and has a youthful feel bringing you back to school days. However, do not feel you cannot come here if you are not a student; there were plenty of other mature looking office types here as well as the more junior looking students.
It cannot compare to the authentic Taiwan bubble tea I have experienced but it sure makes a good stab bringing some uniqueness to the non-alcoholic drinks industry.


  1. Interesting! Must find and try it one day!

  2. Thank you Mei! Let me know what you think.