Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cay Tre



Starters from £4.50
Main dishes from £8.50
(Special lunch offer of £8 for vermicelli and rice dishes and pho only at lunchtimes and before 6pm.)

Yes. Opt for the soup based dishes and stir fried dishes for health-conscious people.
 301 Old Street, London, EC1V 9LA Tel: 020 7729 8662
Opening times
 Lunch : 12h00 - 03h00 PM (All week)
 Dinner: 05h30 - 11h00 PM (Mon-Thurs)
              05h30 - 11h30 PM (Fri-Sat)
 Open whole day on Sunday until 10h30 PM
Eat in/Takeaway:
 Eat-in and take-away
Recommended dishes
 Pho noodles (£8.50), BBQ Pork Loin with Rice Vermicelli  (£9)
Vegetarian dishes
 Yes several options.
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Come early to avoid queuing. The place is small and fills up fast during dinner times. Make sure you book, especially if there are a lot of you. Although, lunchtimes are less busy.

Lunch Analysis
Close by to Old street station lies, a small café style Vietnamese restaurant. It serves a range of one bowl meals for those who want a quick bite or are budget conscious to a range of main meal dishes.
It is very popular with the locals and I can easily see why. It’s prices are reasonable for London and the portions are more than fair!
I often opt for the one bowl meals and order small side dishes as well to share with friends.
My favourites are the BBQ pork loin with rice vermicelli. This is so delicious! It has generous portions of marinated pork, with rice noodles, salad, and herbs. It comes with a sweet and spicy sauce used to top the noodles and pork.
                                                         BBQ pork loin with rice vermicelli
Lemongrass, garlic and fish sauce are the main ingredients in this dish. So remember to bring some gum or strong mints. Spring rolls are thrown in on top as well being the added bonus to the meal.
A classic dish would be the pho dishes. Always a heart-warming choice on those cold wet and windy days we often get! The rice noodles are served with a rich broth made from either chicken or beef. The main star of the show in this is the soup stock. If this is not right, it will fail to capture your attention. Of course, the meat and noodles need to be good as well but the stock really drives the flavours of this dish personally.
                                                                  Beef Pho
Both beef and chicken are good combinations. There are several different variations in rareness of the beef you can choose from.
French-Vietnamese cuisine uses a lot of herbs, garlic, anise, lemongrass, chillies and fish sauce to bring out the sweet and sour flavours.
An interesting and tasty started is the “Table griddled beef” as a starter. This wafer thin beef is cooked in front of you and wrapped in a thin rice paper.
It is not a romantic place to come by as it gets rather noisy. However, it is a must for foodies and those caring more for the food rather than the décor and ambience.
Service is often efficient and attentive as the place is small. Try to get here early and book especially for dinner times and at peak times (being the weekends).
Cay tre is part of the Vietnamese Kitchen restaurant group. Just opposite, I see Keu serving French-Viet baguettes. I have yet to try but let me know if you have, so you can share with others your experience.

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