Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bea's of Bloomsbury - St Paul's Branch

Bea’s of Bloomsbury


Cafe that serves cakes, pasta, desserts, coffee and tea. (Modern and beautiful cafe serving top quality cakes, coffee and tea.)
Cakes from £2.50
Salad boxes from £ 3.50-7.50.
Yes if it is the salad and grilled chicken options. Definitely not healthy, if you are indulging in cakes (needless to say).
83 Watling Street London EC4M 9BX (nearest tube station, St Paul’s
Opening times
Monday-Friday 07.00am-19.00pm
Saturday 12.00pm-19.00pm
Sunday 12.00pm-19.00pm
Eat in/Takeaway:
Eat-in and take-away. (Some seating available for eat-in at the St Paul’s branch.)
Recommended dishes
Cakes are a must with a coffee.
Salad boxes are fresh and tasty.
I love the banana bread here.
Vegetarian dishes
Yes several options usually in the pasta and salad options.
Loyalty card
Yes for the cakes and coffee.

For those eating in then come early to grab a seat as lunchtimes it will get filled up. Otherwise, it is quite quick to get a take-away. The only delay is choosing what to have!

Lunch Analysis
I love coming to Bea’s of Bloomsbury (St Paul’s branch)! It has beautiful cupcakes and special cakes which changes daily and the salad boxes; pasta and other savoury bites are very delicious. The cafe serves a seasonal menu but usually you will find pasta options, chicken marinated drumsticks or thighs; quiche and salads.
If it is your first time here, it can be a bit overwhelming in choosing what to eat as it is all displayed right in front of you. For the salad options, you can request to have a bit of everything to make up your box as it is not immediately obvious from the menu board.
I have been here on many occasions when I was only going to have a salad box but ended up ordering a side cake and a coffee! It really is very tempting!
Eating in is a nice option if you have time and can find a space. Although, it is small it has a cosy feel and I could see myself sitting here for hours sipping tea or coffee and catching up with a pal.
For those, having to race back to the office, it is also a favourable option if you are looking for a modern flavours in your lunch. Salads served here won’t be the usual iceberg lettuce and a few tomatoes thrown in, there will be perhaps cous cous, rocket salad maybe some side potatoes and beetroot. The menus is seasonal but expect interesting salad options to be on the menu.
The coffee served here is the square mile coffee and it was rich and smooth. I chose the latte and was very happy with the smooth velvety texture.
Initially I thought it would only appeal to ladies but was pleasantly surprised to see many men popping in and equally impressed with the food and drink here.
I cannot wait to try there other cakes which I haven’t got round to because I have been side-tracked by the banana bread! Here is a selection of food that Bea's serves:
                                         Pesto Pasta, potatoes, grilled BBQ chicken, salad

                                         Chorizo quiche and pesto pasta

                                          Chorizo quiche, pesto pasta, BBQ chicken, cous cous salad
                                                                 Banana bread

Anyone else out there, who also enjoys Bea’s of Bloomsbury? Let me know your experience.

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