Friday, 6 January 2012

La Bottega Del Caffe - Italian Style Cafe


Stylish Italian Café offering coffees, pastries, light meals like foccacias, pizzas and cakes.
Average eat in price based on pizza, coffee and cake: £8.50
Take-away price based on pizza, coffee and cake: TBC
Not oily and light. However, not the most healthy meal for lunch.

 22 Eastcheap, London, EC3M
Opening times
 Mon-Fri: TBC
Eat in/Takeaway:
Both Eat-in and Takeaway available. Seats are available if you arrive early, aiming for 12pm. At 1pm it is getting quite full.
Recommended dishes
Pizzas, coffees and cakes. Pretty much everything.

I took my colleagues to La Bottega Del Caffé yesterday for lunch as I wanted to surprise them with something different. La Bottega Del Caffé is a an Italian Café serving slices of pizzas, focaccias, Italian style rolls, cakes and a variety of coffees.
It is pleasant place to visit and catch up with friends and work colleagues as it brings about a nice clean, bright and cosy feeling.
You will notice everything is Italian and even the chocolates/biscuits while you are waiting to be served is Italian too.
I decided to try the slice of the Cotto pizza with ham and mushroom and was surprised how light and non-oily this was. Also, it is a fairly large slice draping over my small plate.
It is not that filling but is nice if you fancy something light which won’t send you straight to sleep if you have lots of meetings after lunch!
Then I was very enticed by the cakes they had available. I was attracted to both the New York style looking cheesecake and the berry cheesecake. The berry cheesecake won me over in the end as it looked beautiful.
Cheesecakes can tend be very heavy but this one was very light and moreish! I made a good choice with this one.
Followed by the cake, I decided I had to sample an Italian coffee. There were many to choose from but opted for a standard cappuccino which was very nice, not bitter and very smooth.
This felt very Italian and I enjoyed my meal very much. A note to all though, if you are after a filling meal to last all day you may struggle. As I did get peckish in the afternoon but that might be just me!
My bill came to £8.50 and we ate in the café. Some may claim this is pricey for lunch but the quality was there. I had a great meal and my colleagues enjoyed this.  La Bottega Del Caffé  is originally from Italy and there are only 3 in London, one in the City of London on Eastcheap, Regent Street and King’s Road in Chelsea.
It is also a place to visit and drop by for a coffee or takeaway as they do many different flavours, like almond, hazelnut flavoured cappuccinos. I probably don’t need to tell you how much Italians like their coffees so it is worth trying the coffees if you are not eating here. Also, the pastries looked very appealing as well. So next time I am back, I will update you on the focaccias and pastries.
Cotto Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza

Berry Cheesecake


I would like to see more cafes like this rather the standard chains dominating our streets. Creativity in the type of cuisines and innovative menus and seasonal changes to menus is something we hopefully should be seeing more in the City of London. City Pig hopes to continue exploring and sharing her experiences while lunching in the City.


  1. It looks great! Wish i knew this place when i was in London! Could you also include a photo of the shop front so ican find it easily if i'm ever in the area! I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work andkeep trying new places! Olivia

  2. Hi Olivia, thank you first of all for taking time to read my blog. A very good point, I had planned to do this going forward and will continue to update these posts to ensure they reflect seasonal menus and changes. Happy eating!

    City Pig