Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grazing - British cuisine (Comfort food)

City Pig’s Summary


British (A place for meat lovers and comfort food.)
There are many British dishes on offer. Here are some price guidelines:

Burgers – eat in is from £5.95 and take away £6.50
Pie of the Day – eat in is £7.95 and take away £6.95
Soup of the day – eat in is £3.50 and take away £2.75

Not healthy as the menu consists of lots of meat dishes, pies and sausages etc.
19-21 Great Tower Street, London EC3R 5AR
Opening times
Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm
Eat in/Takeaway:
Eat-in and Takeaway.
Recommended dishes
Not tried all the dishes to boldly recommend. However, steak was a good price on “Steak Tuesdays”.
Vegetarian dishes
Yes there are 2 vegetarian burgers. Mainly catering for meat lovers.
Loyalty card
 No loyalty card scheme.

City Pig’s Lunch Analysis

This Tuesday for lunch, City Pig was at Grazing. Grazing specialises in British comfort food such as pies, bangers and mash and burgers etc. Those on a Janaury detox may not find this very suitable unless you choose the smoked salmon salad.
I chose the steak and chips at a price of £6.95 only availble at this price on a Tuesdays. Those who are sceptical may be wondering how big is this steak and will it taste nice?
Well, I have a picture to show you the exact size. The beef that is served is "bavette" also known as flank.
                                                                    Steak and Chips

For me, this was impressive as I don’t know many places around the square mile that offers steak and chips at this price and at this size.
The steak was quite tender and my knife was gliding through happily. The garlic butter on top brings the meat together quite nicely.
It is a rather healthy steak piece as there were no fat trimmings just pure steak meat and the flavours were very clean. Also I did not feel too full for the rest of the day.
For the dish to fail, you would have presumed that the steak would be cooked too tough or meat is hard and rubbery but in fact it was the chips that failed to impress.
From appearance they looked golden and very appealing but once I munched on my first chip it was rather hard and felt that it had been overcooked or had been sitting around for too long.
It may be a blip as this was my first time at Grazing but would have hoped for better chips to complete my meal.
The service is efficient and the food arrived quick which suited me and other city workers on their lunch break.
The decor of Grazing is quite plain, but there were lots of tables and chairs compared to some other lunch eateries.
The menu at a glance is full of British foods, like bangers and mash, pie, ham, egg and chips and burgers. This is not for you if you fancy a light meal and are worried about calories.
Two particular days to notes are “Steak Tuesdays” - Steak and Chips at £6.95 and “Burger Wednesdays” – any burgers for £5.95. These days offer discounts to these dishes that would be otherwise be more expensive.
It also is big on breakfast, with Full English at a price of £6.50 or a Builder’s Breakfast at £5.50. Grazing provides food catering for office events and meetings.
I would come here again to try the other dishes like the burgers and to give the chips another chance to redeem themselves.

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  1. Bad chips is not good for a British Restaurant! Hopefully your next visit will be better :)