Monday, 23 November 2015

Stax Diner

After 5 + City Pig’s Summary

American Diner
Average spend is £15 per head including, one course meal, soft drink and service at 12.5%. (Excluding alcoholic drinks)
Healthy scale 2/5
4/5 – Food (based on chicken and waffles)
3/5 – Service
1/5 – Comfort of dining in
3.5/5 – Value for money
3.5/5 – Overall rating
[Scale: 1= Poor; 5= Excellent]
 First Floor Kingly Court, London. Nearest tube: Oxford Circus
Opening times
Check out website for more details.
Eat in/Takeaway:
Recommended dishes & drinks
Chicken and Waffles.
Vegetarian dishes
Yes but not many options.
Loyalty card
Loving the Chicken and Waffles.

I wanted to come to Stax Diner for one dish and that is the Chicken and Waffles dish I longed craved for. Chicken and Waffles puzzles many of my friends and colleagues as to what this is. Unless you are American or travel to the States a fair bit you are not going to crave for Chicken and Waffles.I have grown up watching many US programmes and so was very familiar with this dish and have been to the States many times. It sounds odd but that sweet and savoury flavours really works,

Fried chicken has been featuring on many new restaurant openings from classic American fried chicken to Korean fried chicken in London for quite some time. I was researching and found a few that have chicken and waffles. In the West, you have Lockhart and Stax Diner. In the East you have Rita’s Diner, Bird and many others.

As I was nearer to the West, I arrived on a Sunday for lunch at 12:30pm and it already was 80% full.
Stax Diner is located in Kingly Court and it is a very small restaurant. The seats are tight and so sitting here and having a leisurely lunch was not the plan. I came here for the food and so despite the cramped conditions the dish speaks for itself. The Chicken is crispy and the batter was just right. The waffles were light and crispy and was not heavy at all. The dish is served with maple syrup and is cleverly served in a pot. I particularly like it that they let you choose how much to pour – portion control.

The maple syrup was bit too thin and lacked the maple flavour I would have expected. Nonetheless, the dish was cooked very well and the portion size was generous. At £12.50 this was a reasonable price for lunch.

As for the drinks – I didn’t think there was much to shout about. I had the sweet ice tea with lemon and that was indeed way too sweet and probably not the best combination with the maple syrup on the chicken and waffles.

There were other options such as burgers and milkshakes but I could also see across the room that many other diners chose Chicken and Waffles. Is this the star dish? I think so but then again I didn’t try all the other dishes.

Come with a friend or come alone – you shouldn’t be disappointed if you choose the chicken and waffles.

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