Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pinkberry - Frozen yoghurt

After 5 + City Pig’s summary

Dessert – Frozen yoghurt
£2.75 – a small cup of frozen yoghurt without toppings.
·         Healthy scale 3/5
Although, this is frozen yoghurt and not ice cream, there is still a lot of sugar and with the additional toppings could be unhealthier than you imagined. Add fruit if you want to be healthy.
·         4/5 – Food
·         2.5/5 – Service
·        3/5 - Value
·         3/5 – Overall rating
·         Quick eats
·         Snacking moments
40 Duke Street, London W1A1A
Opening times
Follows Selfridges store opening times.
Eat in/Takeaway:
Eat-in and take-away. Limited space at Selfridges though.
Recommended dishes & drinks
All flavours but watermelon frozen yoghurt is very fruity. Watch out for the seasonal flavours e.g. Gingerbread and Chocolate & Hazelnut frozen yoghurt flavours.
Vegetarian dishes
Suitable for Vegetarians.
Loyalty card
A really good tasting frozen yoghurt export from the US. A very warm welcome for it to stay.

After 5 + City Pig’s analysis

  London seems to be full of frozen yoghurt chains – in fact flooded with them. Although, it is winter and it is freezing outside, we Londoners still love them. This latest craze since last year has made us all try this healthier alternative to the fatty ice cream we all feel so guilty about.

I was shopping and had come across in Selfridges a brand called Pinkberry, located in their Food hall.

An excellent commercial decision made by Selfridges to have its customers shop and then indulge in frozen ice cream.

This frozen ice cream in my opinion tastes nicer than some other competitors. Pinkberry frozen yoghurt is smoother and is less acidic in flavour.

I also love the wide range of frozen yoghurt flavours ranging from chocolate to the fruity ones like mango. There will be certainly at least one or two flavours to please the picky ones. I personally do not like too many toppings but you can choose whatever you want to create your very own.

The design of Pinkberry is very attractive and the take home tubs are a clever idea. I have to admit I was not a major frozen yoghurt fan but after tasting Pinkberry I've changed my opinion on frozen yoghurts.

There are some debates in how healthy it really is, as the sugar content is rather high. However, It makes a nice alternative to ice cream and makes one feel that they are not over indulging.

Although, I have not made a review on Frae. I absolutely love this place as well. The flavours and combinations are very different from its competitors and is another place worth trying.  


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