Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Royal China Club

After 5 + City Pig’s summary

£25 - Approximate cost for lunch based on dim sum dishes.

·         Steamed dim sum
·         A variety of fish and vegetable based dim sums
·         5/5 – Food (Based on dim sum)
·         3.5/5 – Service
·         4.5/5 – Overall rating
·         Long lunches and dinners with friends and family
·         Business dining

40-42 Baker Street, W1U 7AJ
Opening times
Monday to Thursday – 12pm – 11pm
Friday – 12pm – 11:30pm
Saturday to Sunday – 12pm -10:30pm

Eat in/Takeaway:
Recommended dishes & drinks
Dim Sum – Cheung funs; turnip pastes. Dessert – Black sesame glutinous balls.
Vegetarian dishes
Loyalty card

Upmarket Chinese restaurant bringing high quality Chinese food. Mainly specialising in dim sum and Cantonese dishes. Expect to pay a lot more than your usual Chinese restaurants.

After 5 + City Pig’s analysis

Royal China Club is the upper end of the well-established Royal China restaurant group.
It prides itself with its reputation of delivering high quality dim sum and Cantonese dishes.

Its restaurant sets it apart from its competitors as offering tasty and consistently well cooked Chinese food.

I went to Royal China Club as I am a fan of the Royal China group restaurants and was curious to see what was more special.

The inside of the restaurant does not feel that much different from the other Royal Chinas. Here you will find a contemporary looking Chinese restaurant.

We were asked to sit in one of the private rooms as the main restaurant was already full.
The dim sum here is much more expensive than standard Chinese restaurants because of the variety of dim sum found here and the quality.

The menu consists of other ingredients that may not be the standard dim sum e.g. there may be fish dumplings rather than pork or prawn. Expect to see other more interesting dumplings and be brave and try them. I found a fried roll with fish and aubergine tucked inside with a black bean sauce dip. Most of the standard dim sum dishes are here as well e.g. turnip paste which was not greasy at all.

The dim sum is very tasty and is very high quality for outside of South East Asia. I know that a lot of people from Hong Kong who come to London also recognise that Royal China delivers excellent Chinese cuisine.

Sometimes the staff can be a little distant and not attentive. This seems to be a common theme in London Chinese restaurants unfortunately. I found the price to be very expensive as most Chinese dim sum averages about £12-£15.However, I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the creativity in some of the dim sum created. It is very authentic despite being top end, it has Chinese people eating here too.

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