Sunday, 12 August 2012

Konditor and Cook

City Pig’s Summary


Meal deals from £4.50 but hot meals average around £5-8 with a drink.
Yes lots of fresh salad selections but can be unhealthy as there are lots of sweet cakes available too.
30 St Mary Axe
London EC3A 8BF
Opening times
Monday to Friday 7:30-6:00
Eat in/Takeaway:
Eat-in and take-away – fair number of seats.
Recommended dishes & drinks
Buffet salads and a bit of everything – chicken and pasta.
Cakes and coffee.
Vegetarian dishes
Loyalty card

City Pig’s analysis

Konditor & Cook for those that do not know is a well-known respected brand for its cakes, brownies and biscuits. Nicely located by the Gherkin on the ground floor, it also serves for breakfast and lunch savoury dishes.

At lunchtime, it is very popular and I went out to check out what was on offer. There are the usual cold chiller cabinet sandwiches all wrapped up or there are the salad selections, with pasta salad, quiches, chicken thighs, pizzas and baked potatoes with toppings.

Having been here more than three times now recently, I have tried most of the hot food here along with the deli buffet and have to conclude it is really good. This is a great place to even just have coffee or tea.

The selection is reasonably priced at £2.60 per slice. Salads are £3.25 for takeaway. It has an incredible buzz to the café and is a nice option to get away from the desk.

For those, that are ultra-busy, take-away is available. The cakes are credibly large and really tasty!
I have trouble not having the cake each time I go so those watching their weight – be warned.

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