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Kimchee - Korean cuisine

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£20 per person; Mains start from: £6.90
Yes. Portion size is large and dishes are not oily.
71 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6EA
Opening times
Mon-Fri: Lunch 12pm-3pm; 5:30pm-10:30pm;
Sat: 12pm-10:30pm; Sun: 12pm-10pm
Eat in/Takeaway:
Recommended dishes & drinks
Jap Chae, Bulgogi, and Soju cocktails.
Vegetarian dishes
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Lunch Analysis
I have been to Kimchee 3 times now and have enjoyed it every occasion. It is a place where you can have a quick casual meal with friends after work.
Main courses start from about £6.90 but if you want to eat the oriental way then you can try a lot of dishes by sharing.
Kimchee is a contemporary Korean restaurant and is well suited for newbies to Korean food. However, it is also suitable for fellow Korean lovers as the food is cooked really well. Although, it appears modern looking, with the large black interior and sophisticated designs its food brings the Korean traditional dishes and some modern influences.
We tried some of the Korean Barbecue meat dishes such as Bulgogi (marinated beef) which was not cooked  in front of us as you would expect in traditional Korean restaurants but already prepared for us. The beef is flavoured well and not too sweet.
The Jap Chae was delicious and generous in portion despite it only being a side dish. Although not traditionally Korean, the seafood udon was cooked really well with the wok taste still left in your mouth. I also liked the fact food was served piping hot! A must for oriental style food.
A more traditional dish is the hot pot bulgogi which is a beef stew with thin glass noodles and cooked with large red dried dates. This is an important ingredient to give the beef a delicious sweet taste.
One should also try the soju cocktail (Citrus Kiss) as this is like a Korean version of vodka in cocktails which makes the meal very complete. However, the taste is lighter and smoother than vodka.
                                                                Hot pot Bulgogi

                                                                 Jap Chae


Pa Jeon

                                                         Seafood Udon


                                                  Citrus Kiss soju cocktail

o    Contemporary and stylish looking restaurant
o    Great Korean style cocktails and drinks
o    Delicious variety of Korean dishes
o    Many choices even for fussy eaters
o    Value for money (Approximately £20 per person with drinks.)


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