Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hummus Bros



£6-7 average lunch price without drinks.
Yes. (Although, hummus is still considered a high calorie type of food.)
St Paul’s branch: 128 Cheapside, London EC2V 6BT
Telephone: 020 7726 8011
Opening times
Monday-Thursday  11am-9pm
Friday                     11am- 4pm
Eat in/Takeaway:
Eat-in and take-away
Recommended dishes
Chicken with hummus and pita bread.
Vegetarian dishes
Yes – Salads to mushroom/beans hummus
Loyalty card
(See website for other branches and more details)
Delivery is available. See website for details.

Lunch Analysis
Hummus Brothers is a chain across London selling exactly what you are reading hummus if you don’t already know.
Selling hummus as a main seems very odd but cleverly it is dressed as a main dish by adding in other ingredients such as chicken or beef with hummus or mushrooms and many other toppings.
The hummus is smooth, creamy and thick and the pita bread is very tasty and goes very well. I wasn’t convinced when I first came in here as hummus really wasn’t on my mind as a lunch option. However, having tried the lovely soft pita with hummus it is delicious. Having opted for the chicken and hummus it really is a great combination.
It might be seen as expensive for lunch for what it is but it is not an everyday lunch option unless you love eating hummus every day!
The fresh mint and ginger lemonade is a very refreshing option that I tend to opt for which complements the meal very well. The mint helps to digest.
The St Paul’s branch has a few rows of seats and window seats for eat in diners if you fancied a break from the office.
Another refreshing option besides a sandwich for lunch.
                                                  Hummus with chicken – regular £6.20

                                                   Hummus with chunky beef – regular £6.50

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