Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ortega - Spanish (tapas) cuisine

City Pig Summary

Spanish (serving tapas and paella)
Ranges from £3.25-£5.50 per tapas.
Sharing platters are £26 for 2-3 people sharing.
Varied depending on dishes chosen.
  27 Leadenhall Market, London, EC3V 1LR
Opening times
  Monday-Friday 12pm -11pm
Eat in/Takeaway:
Recommended dishes
  No comment from City Pig  as there were not any dishes that were
  that enjoyable.
Vegetarian dishes
  Yes 9 vegetarian dishes.
Loyalty card
 No loyalty card scheme.
City Pig lunch analysis

Spanish food doesn’t really spring to mind as a place to go for lunch in the city, but there is a tapas restaurant in Leadenhall market that offers exactly this.
The menu looked appealing as it had a range of tapas to choose from and for vegetarians there was a healthy variety.
As we were a party of three, for ease, we decided to choose the “classico” sharing platter claiming to be the seven best selling dishes.
I love eating tapas as I like the variety and being able to nibble on many different dishes and bringing lots of different flavours together. This failed to impress me as the garlic prawns (Gambas al Pil Pil) did not have much flavour and the prawns were small and hard.
It is one of the dishes that would make my mouth dribble as the garlic sauce should be flavoursome and coating each prawn.
The potato omelette (Tortilla Espanola), also did little to win me over as it as it was rather too soft and did not have the texture of the egg binding the potato.
I expected the classic dishes to be excellent but when I moved on to the chorizo it was also rather bland.
Service was standard but it was a comfortable place for lunch. It was not too expensive, as the bill came to £11 each.
Ortega is a lovely restaurant inside and I felt it would be a nice lunch location with colleagues and friends. However, the food did not shout “Hola” to me which is a shame as it really looked like it would be a good decent Spanish restaurant.
                                                     A selection from the Classico menu

                                                   Grilled chicken skewers

                                                    Tortilla Espanola

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