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UME, offers fresh oriental dishes from their extensive menu. Hot cooked (noodles, rice, curry) and cold (sushi) dishes are served and can be eaten there or taken away. A very good addition to the City, that offers a taste of South East Asia.

Oriental – Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese, Thai and Japanese
£6-7 (Average).
 Relatively but depends on which dish. The dishes taste healthier than most as food is not oily. (Without all the science.)
 1 Poultry, Bank, London, EC2R 8JR
Opening times
Eat in/Takeaway
Take-away and Eat in
Recommended dishes
Roast Duck Noodles, Singapore Noodles and Nasi Goreng

Lunch Analysis
UME has a fairly large lunch menu for a lunch eatery in the City. It may not be an obvious find since it is hidden under Bank tube station area (just below the Tescos).
It concentrates on providing a range of dishes from Malaysian, Thai, Singaporean, Chinese and Japanese.
I have to admit I have not tried the whole menu yet. However, my key favourites so far are the Roast Duck Noodles and the Singapore noodles. My first dish I tried was the Roast Duck Noodles and what struck me, was the large portion size! In the City, finding reasonable and generous portions sizes are rare, unless you are over paying more for it.  Looking around, there are a number of male city workers queuing up on a regular basis – so this must be filling.
I think general rule of thumb is that the fried noodles and rice dishes will be always more filling than the noodle soup dishes if you want to last all day till dinner.
I unfortunately do not have a picture of the Roast Duck Noodles to share with you all at the moment as I had forgot to take a picture at the time of eating as I was too absorbed that day! I do recall that there were was plenty of duck on the bed of noodles and the taste was fantastic.
However, I did managed to get a photo of the Wonton Ramen Soup and the Nasi Goreng on my last visit.
Wonton Ramen Soup

Nasi Goreng
I prefer the fried noodles dishes more and the Nasi Goreng compared with the Wonton Ramen noodle soup as the ramen noodles were rather soft. However, the Wontons were not bad and there were quite a lot of them floating around in my soup.
I can see the favourites appear to be the Nasi Goreng, and stir fried noodle dishes from my quick observation in what others have ordered.
It can be a longer wait than you may expect, however, this is because the dishes are fresh and made from each order. I would recommend getting here at 12pm on the dot to avoid large queues forming.
There are a few seats to eat in but most appear to be taking away and eating back in the office.
A further update may have to be given as there are more dishes to try from here and more pictures I promise to upload as well.
Nasi Goreng  – Fried Rice with chillies, egg and shrimps.
Singapore Noodles – Vermicelli noodles stir fried in shrimps, curry powder, bean sprouts and other vegetables.

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